VeryAndroid – The Best Android Cell Phone SMS Backup Software Review

VeryAndroid SMS Backup Review

I installed and used many SMS backup & restore applications on my HTC cell phone, But now only one I keep in my phone, it names “VeryAndroid SMS Backup”. I believe it is the first intelligent android sms backup software, which could copy & backup sms text messages from your android smartphone to PC, and as well can easily restore the backup files of SMS to any android phone.

Everyone wants to make their android SMS secure and manages their sms messages without difficulty. By using VeryAndroid SMS Backup, you’ll be able to backup all SMS in your android cell phone to PC automatically and save it as txt or CSV file format as you like. Additionally, it also provides you the shortcut to restore your other mobile phones sms backup CSV files to your new android smartphone straight. You will not lose valuable sms messages ever again.

I think all android cell phone users should have this great sms backup software, However, You may ask: “Why should I select and use VeryAndroid SMS Backup?”, Read on these great features:

* Copy and backup text messages from android phone to pc as TXT or CSV files, and restore sms backup CSV files to any android phone at any time.

* Transfer other phones sms to android phones. Do you want to transfer SMS from iPhone to your android phone? That’s simple by VeryAndroid SMS Backup, it doesn’t matter from google android or other OS cell phones.

* You can easily read all your sms on your pc in threading mode through the software’s pc tool. The PC tool is user-friendly and you can use it to search SMS by keyword quickly.

* 100% risk-free to download and simple to install or uninstall.

* User-friendly and uncomplicated.

* Free and fast support services.

You can click here to have a look at “VeryAndroid SMS Backup“.

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How to Backup Your Cell Phone Data Automatically And Safely

3rd party cell phone backup software

Now smart cell phones are able to do lots of things, so most of us feel we can’t live without our cell phones. All mobile can record incoming and outgoing information such as calls and SMS. But the issue is that we always delete these logs since we just think these info are no longer useful.

Of course, We can get a monthly call record from the mobile phone service provider. But sometimes we require to contact for business and need the call logs instantly. At this point, we will need a third party cell phone backup software which can do the job in the background, and provide the phone user satisfaction.

3rd party backup software program is a clean and simple to set up application that runs in your cell phone. It will run with your phone’s switch on automatically. Third party backup and restore software could give you a very helpful service if detailed call logs keeping is an essential portion of your business.

Lots of people erase their mobile phone’s inner business deal logs to make sure security, simply because that business partners will browse through your cell phone for transaction records if your phone is placed unattended occasionally. If that happens, I think everyone cannot wait to the end of the month to check out their crucial phone messages.

In summary, a 3rd party backup software is usually a choice for you if you want to instant access the call logs, SMS, and image GPS locations.

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How to Backup SMS from Android Cell Phone to Computer?

VeryAndroid SMS Backup Software

Nowadays, Most of us have lots of important information such as SMS, contacts, documents and call records on our cell phone, which we absolutely don’t want to lose in the event of an unexpected thing like theft or your phone be broken.

I will introduce you an intelligent android sms backup software named “VeryAndroid SMS Backup”, It is able to copy & backup sms from any android cell phone to computer, and may restore sms from computer to phone as well. Make your android text messages secure and manage these android sms effortlessly.

Below are the steps for android SMS backup by using VeryAndroid SMS Backup software:

1. Download VeryAndroid SMS Backup and install it onto your android system cell phone. Open this software and the following image will be shown on the screen:

How to Backup Android SMS Step 1

2. Click on the button “Backup SMS” or click “Menu” -> “Backup SMS”:

How to Backup Android SMS Step 2

3. Now you need to choose a backup file type (csv or txt). It allows you to type in your own customized file name. Next click on “OK” button to continue.

How to Backup Android SMS Step 3-1 How to Backup Android SMS Step 3-2

4. SMS (text messages) are now being backuped.

How to Backup Android SMS Step 4

5. Completed. All your SMS have already been stored.

How to Backup Android SMS Step 5

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Using VeryAndroid SMS Backup’s PC Tool to Restore SMS to Android Phone

Below is the steps on how to restore SMS to your android cell phone from computer by using PC tool of VeryAndroid SMS Backup software.

1: Connect android phone to computer.
Just follow this guide regarding how to link android phone to computer.

2: Start VeryAndroid SMS Backup’s PC tool.
Simply click the file “PCToolforSMS.exe” located on your PC. After it opened, choose “Menu” -> “Restore SMS to Android”.


3: Restore SMS successfully.
Your whole SMS have been completely restored to your android phone.


4: Restore SMS with one particular contact.
To bring back Text message from a single contact, you should right click on the contact, and after that select “Restore SMS to Android”.


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